The Cut at Warren Scott

 …“I listen, making it a point to communicate with and fully understand the needs of each client.  Discovering the individual…a cut is the expression of that discovery. -This is what has driven me to achieve excellence in hair design for over half my lifetime!”…


Discover and Express your quintessential beauty! Are you Classic, Contemporary or Progressive? A Warren Scott Cut is an interpretation of current international trends which are interpreted to fit your unique characteristics and personality and to flow effortlessly into shape after the blow-dry.  Your visit begins with an in depth hair consultation, a luxurious shampoo and conditioner with an exquisite head & neck massage. I then carefully create your perfect cut, balancing your facial bone structure, working with your hair’s natural traits: texture, thickness, bend and wave-length, establishing your unique design…your trademark! Finishing includes instructions in styling techniques that you can use at home, including tips and tricks to help you make your new cut pop into place with the minimum of time and effort.

… “The great success and influence of my Warren Scott Design System stems from a geodesic sectioning pattern combined with cutting and coloring on the bias using a gravitational point of reference. Perpendicular applications in hair design are fine if the head is immobile and shaped like a cube. It isn’t. I had to find a better method to create an artfully designed and intricately colored hairstyle on a spherically shaped and moving head that can be used to interpret new trends as well as be visually stunning as the hair responds to the movement of the body, in it’s environment. I did, it works…and it rocks!”…


…“After moving from New York City to Raleigh… I began a long search for a phenomenal hairstylist/colorist. My search finally ended when I found Scott at Warren Scott; Scott is absolutely magical!

        As an architect, design and pleasing aesthetics are critical to me. At WS, not only have I received the best color and hairstyles I have ever experienced but also I have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of his Studio. The Warren Scott Studio is bursting with a décor of “chic fun” that always puts a smile on my face.”…

— Gail, FA/A