Warren Scott Hair Coloring…the Unique Factor:

 My four decades of hair coloring expertise is working for you…

*Certified by the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists, Platform Artist & National Educator for three international hair color companies, “Hair Color Wizard”….News & Observer   … “Doctorate of Hair Coloring”…Process Magazine    …“Master Hair Colorist”… WRAL 5

To create a unique hair color design, in combination with the  hair’s condition and texture, requires specific application methods to improve your hair health as well as implementing a finely calibrated shade, brilliant hue and an outstanding expression of color. My forte is enhancing your personalized hair design by utilizing state of the art hair coloring knowledge and technique to compliment your skin tone, eye color, whilst delineating the form of your cut, enhancing your facial bone structure. These concepts in conjunction with the highest standards are why I consistently achieve spectacular results through this unique approach to designing your personalized hair color….this can & will always be Your Trademark!

… “The great success and influence of my Warren Scott Design System stems from a geodesic sectioning pattern combined with cutting and coloring on the bias using a gravitational point of reference. Perpendicular applications in hair design are fine if the head is immobile and shaped like a cube. It isn’t. I had to find a better method to create an artfully designed and intricately colored hairstyle on a spherically shaped head that can be used to interpret new trends and is visually stunning as the hair responds to the movement of the body. I did, it works…and it rocks!”…


…“I came to Scott because I had read about him in the News & Observer as a Master Colorist. I had been traveling to New York City three or four times a year to have my highlights done. Not only did Scott create a more nuanced and individualized highlighting scheme for me, but he also invented a new haircut to frame my face! I still go to New York, but now I have more time to look at art!

— CH, Art Museum Curator