Thank you for your interest in my work!

A native of Ohio, I attended Cleveland Institute of Art focusing on Painting, Life Drawing and Pottery. In a quest for a creative profession I found the beauty business, still keeping a hand in the art world as a fine art photographer specializing in Commercial and  Advertising Photography as well as Music and Environmental Portraiture (see ). Once I entered the beauty profession things started to skyrocket. Very quickly I became the Artistic Director of an advanced training academy, and in time, a Platform Artist representing three different international hair color companies, inventing new coloring techniques for publication and teaching advanced hair color and modern hair cutting techniques to hair designers on stage throughout the United States.  Interviews, articles and photographs of my work have been published internationally.

I’ve been certified as a professional hair colorist by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. To learn more about this please check the ABCH web site at: You might ask . . . “Why haven’t I heard of the ABCH Certification before?” I would say you that have not heard of it before because it is not easy to pass the exam, and we are rare breed here on the East Coast.  One has to make a serious commitment to the study and practice of professional hair coloring for these exams. Statistics are that only 50% of those that take the exams pass! Training further, I became a Mentor for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, being available to teach hair colorists interested in acquiring this hard-won certification.

My clients often ask what do I enjoy more, cutting or coloring? Truly, these services are not two but one. When I produce a terrific haircut on a head of mousey hair color the design is only half finished. Likewise creating an amazing hair color design on a poorly shaped cut…is a shameful sin! Color and cut (form), are interdependent..Yin & Yang. Fortunately early in my career I had the privilege to work and study with a group from London and as a member of their National Design Team. This is where I perfected my craft as a hair designer, inventing and executing precision modern cuts, each enhanced with fantastic colors, and teaching with this team throughout the country.

I have always enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned and became a national educator. The job title is called “Platform Artist”. As a Platform Artist, the hair care line you are representing flies you to hair shows around the country to teach advanced techniques of hair coloring and cutting on stage to audiences of hairdressers as II I I believe it is unethical to push products onto my clients and make not to. Personally and professionally I use only the finest, highest performance, luxurious set of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that can hold true and stand up to my 40 years of working in this industry. I’m in the business of creating beautiful healthy hair. My livelihood, my family and my reputation depends on it.

These are the international haircare lines I have represented:

  • Platform Artist for Matrix Essentials
  • Platform Artist for Redken
  • Platform Artist for Logics International

Along with being trained by these companies in cutting edge techniques – in which they include loads of hair color chemistry training- I went further, for the love of the craft, and studied internationally at the finest advanced academies:

  •  Graduate of Vidal Sasoon Advanced Training Academy – London, England
  •  Graduate of Cheynes Advanced Training Academy – Edinburgh, Scotland
  •  Graduate of Martin Parsons School of Long Hair Design – Toronto, Canada
  •  Graduate of Bumble & bumble Advanced /training Academy – NY, NY
  • Graduate of Toni & Guy Advanced Training Academy – Dallas, Texas